Cactus Flower                Directed by Abe Burrows

Destry Rides Again         Directed by Michael Kidd

First Love                       Directed by Alfred Lunt

Guys and Dolls             Directed by Jean Darrimple

The Decision                 Directed by Abe Burrows


Angel Street

Cactus Flower                 (The National Company)

Desperate Hours

Guys & Dolls                 (4 productions)


Hasty Heart                (2 productions)

Mr. Roberts                  (3 productions)

Mourning Becomes Electra

The Music Man             (3 productions)

The Odd Couple            (2 productions)

Of Mice and Men

Picnic                    (2 productions)

Plaza Suite                 (2 productions)

The Rainmaker            (3 productions)

Stalag 17

The Tender Trap             (2 productions)

20th Century

One Thousand Clowns        (3 productions)


Bush Doctor 1981

Africa - Texas Style!                 1967, Paramount

         (Also released as: Cowboy in Africa)       

Ambush Bay                     1966, Paramount   

Back to God's Country                1953, Universal                             

Battle at Apache Pass                 1952, Universal    

Beyond the Purple Hills                1950. Columbia

The Brass Legend                     1956, Universal           

Broken Lance                     1954, 20th Century Fox       

Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas             Republic

Cave of the Outlaws                 1951, Universal

The Cimmaron Kid                 1951, Universal

Come Fly with Me                     1963, Columbia               

The Daltons                         1952, Universal

Drums Across the River                1954, Universal

The Fiend Who Walked the West         1958, 20th Century Fox

Fighting U.S. Coast Guard             Republic

Fireman, Save My Child!             1954, Universal

Game of Death                    1979, Warner Brothers

In Harm's Way                    1965, Warner Brothers

Killer Force                         1975

The Lawless Breed                 1952, Universal

Little Big Horn                     1951, Universal

Love Has Many Faces                1965, Columbia

The Man from the Alamo                 1953, Universal

Meet Me at the Fair                 1952, Universal

Never Fear                          1949

(Also released as: Young Lovers)       

On the Loose                      1951

The Raiders                        1952, Universal

Red Ball Express                     1952, Universal   

The Return of Jesse James           1950

Rocketship XM                     1950

Sally and Saint Anne                 1952, Universal

Saskatchewan                     1954, Universal

Seminole                         1953, Universal

The Shootist                     1976, Warner Brothers

Son of Ali Baba                     1952, Universal

Stand at Apache River                 1953, Universal

Ten Little Indians                     1966, Paramount

There's No Business Like Show Business     1954, 20th Century Fox

Twinkle in God's Eye                 1955, Republic

Twins                             1990,Universal

Vengeance Valley                     1951, MGM

White Feather                    1955, 20th Century Fox




 (226 Episodes)                     1955-1961, ABC

SEARCH                        1971-1972, NBC


Alfred Hitchcock Presents            1962, CBS

Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre     (4 episodes), NBC

Charlie’s Angels                    ABC

Cruise into Terror                    1978, TV Movie of the Week, ABC

Circus of the Stars                    CBS

The Danny Thomas Show            1956, CBS

Dial M for Murder                    1967, TV Movie, NBC

Dinah Shore Chevy Show             (2 episodes), NBC

DuMont Royal Theatre/Playhouse        1951/52, DuMont network

The Ed Sullivan Show                (4 episodes), CBS

Fantasy Island                    (Pilot & 4 episodes), ABC

Feather Top (Musical  Comedy)            1961, 2-hour NBC Special

Fireside Theatre                     (4 episodes), NBC

General Electric Theatre                (3 episodes), CBS

The George Gobel Show                 (2 episodes), NBC

The Greatest Show On Earth             1963, ABC

Gunsmoke II                    1990, TV Movie of the Week

Hallmark Hall of Fame                 (4 episodes), NBC


(Second ABC TV Movie of the Week ever made)     1970, TV Movie of the Week, ABC

Hollywood Palace                     (2 episodes) , ABC

It's a Man's World                    2-hour Special

I’ve Got A Secret                    CBS

The Jackie Gleason Show            (2 episodes), CBS

Kraft Television Theatre                (3 episodes), NBC

L.A. Law                        NBC

The Love Boat                     (Pilot & 2 episodes), ABC

The Luck of the Draw:

        The Gambler Returns                                 1991

The Millionaire                    (3 episodes), CBS

Murder on Flight 502                1975, TV Movie of the Week, ABC

Murder She Wrote                    1990, CBS                              

Oboler Comedy Theatre                1949, ABC

         (first TV show that paid actors)

Paradise                        1990, (2 episodes), CBS

Perry Mason                     1963, CBS   

    (one of four episodes without Raymond Burr)                                    

Password                        1962/1963; CBS

Playhouse 90                    (3 episodes); CBS

Police Story                        (Pilot & 3 episodes); NBC

Probe (Pilot for "Search" TV series)        1971

A Punt, A Pass and A Prayer             Hallmark Hall of Fame, NBC

Sing Out, Sweet Land                  1969,  John Wayne Special

Space in the Age of Aquarius             1969, 2-hour Special

          (produced & directed by Hugh O’Brian)   

Studio 57                         1955, DuMont network

Dick Powell Show - Up Jumped the Devil 1961

The Virginian                     1962, (Pilot), CBS

Alco Premier - The Rules of the Game 1962

Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse        1959, Christmas Special, CBS

What’s My Line?                    1961/1966; CBS

Wild Women                    1970, TV Movie of the Week, ABC

Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone        1994 , 2-hour Movie of the Week,     CBS


Mitzi Gaynor with Hugh O'Brian

Hollywood Hunk - Hugh O'Brian